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  • Basin water drainage will choose easy to clean
  • Date:2015-08-01
  •       A lot of decoration for many years the owners have a experience, in the wash basin after a long time,easy to appear the dirt attached to the washbasin drainer, water product not to in the wash basinlower phenomenon. In fact, this is because the water is not clean, it highlights a problem, when buying a washbasin drainage device must buy is easy to clean, otherwise easily appear basin water of the situation.

    Wash basin, there are several types of water, is the first of the lifting type, then a turning plate typeand spring type and so on, generally speaking, the water for a long time if not promptly cleaned up,due to dirt deposition adhesion, mechanical properties are not too good. Lifting the old-fashionedwater now are not commonly used, now under the nozzle should be chosen that can put the inner core of the whole is taken out, the back after the clean, easy to clean.

    Bouncing type sewer mouth looks very nice, but after a period of use, you need to put the water off and detergent to scrub dirt on top of the clean water, so as to ensure the smooth flow into the sewer;so in the water outlet has a shortcoming, this ceramic water basin special mouth is not easy to find,usually glass the basin under the nozzle, ceramic sewer mouth is the pipes with drain nozzle, some suppliers in the glass water mouth to make a hole, when the water outlet ceramic pots to sell. Thismodified glass Xiashuikou drainpipe to short many, if the ceramic pots more thick will lead to the following screw does not button, it can only use a hexagonal screw buckle plate screw on, but after the load is not solid, easy to loose, so it is best not to choose this drain.