In 1982, founded the predecessor of the company: Hebei Wuqiang Xiaofan metal parts factory, mainly engaged in processing metal parts, and established the development of runwangda company
In 1990, it obtained "measurement certificate"
In 1991, it was registered as Wuqiang sanitary ware factory with the registered trademark of "WuJie"
In 1991, it obtained the "certificate of approval for the adoption of international standards"
In 1991, it was awarded the title of "Hengshui total quality management standard enterprise"
In 1995, the enterprise realized the first overall relocation, expanded the production scale and accelerated the development process
In 1996, it was awarded the inspection free product certificate of Hebei Province
In 1997, won the famous brand product certificate of Hebei Province
In 1997, it was awarded the title of national enterprise meeting the standard of total quality management
In 1999, it won the title of national designated production management enterprise
In 2001, it was registered as "Hebei runwangda sanitary ware manufacturing Co., Ltd." and has two trademarks of "WuJie" and "runwangda"
In 2001, it passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification and has been in continuous operation till now
In 2002, he became a member of the sanitary accessories Branch of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association
In 2002, won the import and export qualification certificate
In 2006, it won the water saving product certification of China and has been awarded the title of "China water saving product certification" since then
In 2006, it was listed in the list of government procurement of energy saving products
In 2008, he became a member of China Teaching Equipment Industry Association
In 2008, he became a member of Hebei Construction Machinery Association
In 2009, he became a member of the safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association
In 2010, passed CE certification
In 2011, the company expanded the production scale again, completed the second overall relocation, updated the production equipment, adjusted the strategic structure, and laid a solid foundation for creating a first-class brand.
In 2012, the company invested in the introduction of electric furnace and gravity casting series equipment to complete the improvement of casting process and production.
In 2013, the company invested in the introduction of a series of equipment such as Haas machining center, precision CNC lathe, EDM, etc., and established a mold workshop, which has the ability to design, develop and manufacture various molds.
In 2013, it invested in building a 3000 square meter modern assembly workshop, equipped with two assembly lines and assembly production machinery and water testing equipment, with the capacity of large-scale production.
In 2013, the company invested in the establishment of a domestic advanced product quality testing center, purchased a complete set of raw material and product performance testing equipment such as material spectrum analyzer, life span, sealing, pressure, light control, flow, tension, strength performance test, etc., with the ability of testing analysis and result judgment.
In 2014, the company purchased large tonnage, four position stamping equipment, large-scale CNC water cutting, bending machine, plate cutting machine, etc., with a variety of processing means, providing a basic guarantee for the development and production of large products.
Looking forward to the future, we are confident to create a perfect management, high-quality products, characteristic brand!